Helicopter EMS is an essential element of the world’s Emergency Medical response function. Quality patient care is just the beginning of a successful mission. The team at ARS utilizes strict CRM practices in combination with proven, risk-management and detailed GO-NO-GO concepts in the delivery of safe HEMS response. ARS can provide your organization with the training and innovative equipment to make every HEMS response a successful mission.

In addition, ARS offers the following Helicopter based EMS courses:

• 40-hour Helicopter Crew First Responder-

  • Training curriculum that covers basic, non-invasive medical and trauma interventions, patient packaging, and critical “first-on-scene” management skills geared to the Helicopter Rescue Crewman.

• Advanced Life Support Fundamentals for Helicopter Insertion/Extraction Operations (Hoist/Short Haul/Skid)-

  • This training Curriculum provides the EMT-I, Paramedic, RN or MD the advanced skills for continued victim assessment and care during insertion/extraction operations. Equipment innovation and use, treatment modalities, difficult procedure decision making points and GO-NO-GO resolution parameters.

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