ARS® Training.

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Air Rescue Systems has established itself as the premier provider of Advanced Helicopter Operations training. Our unique training curriculum and response based teaching techniques provide an unparalleled educational experience. Grounded in the time-tested practices of military, law enforcement and para-public search and rescue based operations, ARS has developed a winning formula for the delivery of safe and risk managed advanced helicopter training programs. Taking into consideration new techniques, innovative equipment, and progressive ideas, our experienced instructor cadre will bring your team’s response capabilities to a whole new level. Program delivery is built around a core concept of “Total Team” solutions combined with theory/skill specific modules. Each module builds on the next and successful mastery comes from a crawl, walk, run philosophy. Each course is custom built around the agency’s requirements, operating environment, mission objectives and current/desired capabilities. ARS does not believe in a “cookie-cutter” curriculum delivery. The one-size fits all approach does not work for these demanding operations.

Whether working towards developing a new skill level or complete program stand-up, Air Rescue Systems will provide you with the Response capabilities, Training and Equipment to fulfill your team’s goals and get the mission done!
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