Meet the team.

Vita Load Navigator
At Air Rescue Systems (ARS), our team of subject matter experts brings together more than 125 years’ experience and unparalleled expertise from diverse backgrounds in the US Navy, US Army, Special Operations, high altitude mountain rescue, and other elite units. Our collective knowledge and hands-on experience in high-risk and complex helicopter rescue environments enable us to deliver exceptional solutions and training.

Known for our highly customized, client-specific training programs tailored to your agency’s specific mission and environment, we are committed to excellence, safety, and innovation, ensuring that agency teams are equipped with the best tools and strategies for their critical missions. With a focus on the physics of load control under a helicopter, we eliminate unwanted movement in human external cargo (HEC) rescue operations  through application of specialized flight profiles as well as cutting-edge technology.  ARS stands at the forefront of the air rescue industry, ready to meet the demands of any challenge.
Additional photos courtesy of Dan Megna