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The Vita™ Rescue System® (VRS) provides a dynamic stabilization approach to hoist operations. The propulsion-driven device connects to most rescue kits and can be autonomously and manually controlled. Measuring over 1,000 data points per second, the system detects real-time movement and adjusts the load with high-powered fans to eliminate spinning, rotations, swinging or other problems that cause accidental injuries or fatalities. The result is accelerated extractions of victims and elimination of preventable hoist operation accidents.

The VRS gives the hoist operator precise control of the rescue device via a wireless pendant, making it the perfect tool for complex hoists on difficult terrain such as water, mountains, jungles, woods, and urban environments.
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The Vita™ Rescue System®

The Vita Rescue System (VRS) offers precise, wireless control and dynamic stabilization for hoist operations, eliminating spinning and swinging to ensure faster, safer rescues in any terrain.
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Protect the crew

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4x faster than tagline hoists.
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Reduce hover time and pilot fatigue.
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Eliminate need for taglines.
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Mitigate hoist swing and spin.
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Reduced need for ground crew.
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Protect the mission

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Precisely control the rescue device.
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Conduct faster dynamic hoisting in any operational environment and condition.
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Complete the mission faster and extend the aircraft range.
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Autonomously hold heading of rescue kit in even the worst rotor wash and/or weather.
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Protect the budget

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Reduce fuel costs.
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Complete more hoists.
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Prevent injuries and accidents.
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Diminish wear on operational assets.
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Immediately up-skill crew.

Vita™ rescue system® specs

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Built to Perform

The Vita Rescue System (VRS) enables greater speed, safety and control during hoisting operations.
Bi-directional electric propulsion systems
  • High power Magnetic Drive System.
  • Conduct hoist rescue 4x faster.
  • Eliminates spin in under three seconds.
Thrust vectoring system
  • Powerful spatial awareness measures 1000 data points per second.
  • Manually rotate the rescue kit during hoist operations.
  • Autonomously hold heading of rescue kit in even the most severe rotor wash.


The wireless pendant can control the litter from up to 1000 feet away, allowing the user to stabilize the litter without relying on ground-crews or taglines. The pendant comes with a MOLLE kit for universal utility.
Direct Control
Up to 30˚ per second rotational control for operators.
Autonomously stabilizes against swing and spin.
Quickly toggle between standby and active mode.

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