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Air Rescue Systems, a Vita Inclinata Company, provides Advanced Technology, comprehensive helicopter Rescue Training and field-proven Equipment.

Our ecosystem of solutions significantly enhances the capability, safety, and efficiency of search-and-rescue hoist operations, helping you protect the mission. Based on real world knowledge and experience the Air Rescue Systems Team utilizes new techniques, progressive training concepts, and innovative equipment to accomplish your organization’s goals.

Comprehensive Training

ARS provides custom, comprehensive training courses tailored to the unique requirements of advanced helicopter operations. Our team-focused approach covers essential aspects such as flight skills and rescue techniques, enabling mission-specific preparedness.

ARS offers custom, detail oriented, total-team training courses for advanced helicopter operations. From flight skills to rescue techniques, we have a course that can be tailored to your mission specific requirements.


Our cutting-edge technology is designed to enhance rescue operations, ensuring increased efficiency, safety, and success across diverse terrains. Our global safety ecosystem encompasses a range of innovative solutions created to bring people home every time.

ARS operates a variety of unique contracts with diverse aircraft in extreme environments around the world. Anytime, anyplace ARS can provide you with a turnkey solution to meet or exceed your mission specific requirements.

Field Proven Equipment

ARS specializes in manufacturing field-proven helicopter response equipment. Developed by experienced professionals leveraging real-world expertise and industry-leading technologies, our equipment is designed to meet the practical demands of helicopter operations.

ARS manufactures practical field-proven helicopter response equipment. Our equipment is purpose designed and built by working helicopter operations professionals utilizing real world experience and the latest in industry technologies.

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