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The ARS Helicopter Rescue Swimmer course includes critical didactic learning in a classroom combined with hands on skills training in a pool environment as well as static training at the helicopter.  The course concludes with three days of live flight training operations that include simple skills demonstrations as well as complex real-world rescue training scenarios using the helicopter and its crews in complicated environments.

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Class Size:
Four Pilot teams
Four Crew Chief/Hoist Operators
12 Medics/Rescue Swimmers
Two ARS Advanced Hoist Operations and Rescue Swimmer Instructors

5 Days.

We come to you. We plan to use your helicopter for training with you so you practice with what you will use in actual missions.

Training includes the use of all agency-owned rescue equipment for rescue swimmers, rescue crew, and victim extraction. PPE (flight helmet, flight suit, gloves and communications systems) not included.  

Upon Completion:
At the conclusion of each training provided, the individual student and team as a whole are set to perform at unparalleled levels of precision, risk managed, helicopter hoist operations in water including essential elements of rescue swimmer deployment and recovery, and transfer of survivor to next level of care.

Static Skills
Flight Operations
Final Scenario

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