Law Enforcement


Tactical Helicopter Response presents unique hazards that typically present as “NO-GO” decisions for most other missions. Field based, rapid risk/decision capabilities coupled with highly evolved tactile/performance skills are mandatory to be effective. ARS has worked with local and international law enforcement, DOD, domestic/foreign governments, military and paramilitary organizations to stand up, support, and train in a multitude of environments and varying disciplines. From counter narcotics helicopter support, CSAR response and rapid insertion/extraction operations, ARS can provide your unit the training and specialized mission equipment it needs to get the job done.

Core content

  • CRM/Communications/Risk Management/Go-No-Go
  • ERAD Insertion and Extraction
  • Airborne Tactical Support
  • Helicopter Rappel Operations
  • Helicopter Fast Rope Operations
  • Helicopter Skid Operations
  • Law Enforcement & Military based SAR

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