Marine Pilot Transfer


The transfer of Marine Ship’s Pilots by helicopter hoist is a demanding task. These 24/7, severe weather missions require detailed training in all phases of the operations and focus on the “team’s” capabilities is essential. There are few programs in the world that have had the legacy and success of the Columbia River Bar Pilots. The program, now in it’s 16th year is the model that ARS cut its teeth on. The challenges of the Oregon coast operations have our hoist instructors at the top of the game in day/night offshore hoist ops. We offer a “front to back” solution for these operations including an entire suite of response equipment.

Core content

  • CRM/Communications/Risk Management/Go-No-Go~
  • Communications
  • Information gathering and dissemination
  • Hazard Identification
  • Risk-based decision-making
  • “Pause Point” Process
  • Go-no-Go based response philosophy
  • Pilot Skills/Qualifications
  • Hoist Operator Skills/Qualifications
  • Vessel Configuration
  • Ocean Dynamics

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