In today’s world, helicopters in Search and Rescue (SAR) operations are the standard. The days of the “risk it all” approach are over and the need to focus on safe operations, hazard identification and risk management/mitigation is greater than ever. With the fundamental philosophy of bringing the team home, our SAR curriculum will lead your agency through the process of crew-based planning, decision-making and mission execution. Regardless of the environment or discipline the ARS SAR courses will provide a step-by-step approach and measured success of your teams ability to get the mission done and come home safely.

Core content

  • CRM/Communications/Risk Management/Go-No-Go
  • Mountain/Cliff/Wilderness Rescue
  • High Rise/Urban Rescue
  • Flood/Swift-Water/Surf
  • Maritime operations/Ship-board/Deep Ocean Rescue
  • Military CSAR

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