Rescue Medicine is a very specialized area of EMS. Most of the luxuries afforded to civilian EMS personnel are not available to Helicopter rescue crews, so the rescuer is left to improvise and adapt.

Derived from our response operations, ARS utilizes an innovative curriculum that is specific to the helicopter rescuer. Our 40-hour Helicopter Crewman First Responder training course covers basic, non-invasive medical and trauma interventions, Patient packaging, and critical “first-on-scene” management skills geared to the Helicopter Rescue Crewman.

In addition, ARS offers the following Helicopter based EMS courses:

Advanced Life Support Fundamentals for Helicopter Insertion/Extraction Operations (Hoist/Short Haul/Skid)-

This training Curriculum provides the EMT-I, Paramedic, RN or MD the advanced skills for continued victim assessment and care during insertion/extraction operations. Equipment innovation and use, treatment modalities, difficult procedure decision making points and GO-NO-GO resolution parameters.

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