Short Haul


With a variety of uses, from civilian to military, industrial to tactical, short haul has proven to be a safe, trusted and effective tool for helicopter human load insertion/extraction. Noted for its rapid insertion and extraction capabilities, it is often the preferred method of choice for the efficient movement of tactical operators, rescuers and victims as well as power utility specialist.

Air Rescue Systems’ pilot and crew instructors have performed tens of thousands of short haul evolutions. Our cadre stays current by actively participating in law enforcement, rescue and utility short haul operations as well as flying thousands of hours annually in training operations worldwide.

As a primary method of delivery, or as a back up to current hoist operations, ARS Short Haul training is the industry standard for safety and efficiency. Our curriculum in combination with our FAA compliant Heli-Bridle© System (Portable Safety Device) and suite of short haul equipment, will provide your organization will an extraordinary helicopter insertion/extraction capability.

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