Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Air Rescue Systems Corp (ARS) receives FAA TO C-167 approval for the ARS 338 Heli-Ops Harness

Air Rescue Systems Corp (ARS) proudly receives FAA TO C-167 approval for the 338 Heli-Ops Harness, the world's lightest Class III TSO C-167 PCDS harness, excelling in various helicopter operations.
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Air Rescue Systems

Air Rescue Systems Corp (ARS) receives FAA TO C-167 approval for the ARS 338 Heli-Ops Harness


RS is proud to announce FAA approval (TSO C-167) of the 338 Heli-Ops Personal Carrying Device System (PCDS). This Class III harness delivers uncompromised safety and end-user, ease of use through a multitude of advanced helicopter operations disciplines. The 338 Heli-Ops Harness excels at hoist/winch, short haul, skid insertion/extraction, and heli-rappel operations to name a few.

The ARS 338 Heli-Ops harness is functional, comfortable, durable, and carries the distinction of being the lightest Class III, TSO C-167 PCDS harness made in the world. At just 3 Ibs. 15 oz., the 338 Heli-Ops Harness is unrestricting and moves with the wearer through these demanding operations.

Tested and vetted through thousands of field insertion, extraction and rescues, the best in modern design, manufacturing and certification comes to life in the ARS 338 Heli-Ops Harness.



UL Certified to NFPA 1983-2012

Meets ALL ANSI/OSHA/CSA Class III harness standards

ANSI Z359.1 Safety Requirement for Personal Fall Arrest Systems, Subsystems and Components Manufactured ISO 9001


3 Ibs. 15 oz.

Low waist, Hoist Operator Human Load attachment point

SOLAS Reflective Trim

Class III Human Load Harness

Comfort Fit "W" front Leg Suspension straps

Quick and Easy Donning

310 Ibs. single person, max load rating

Additional photos courtesy of Dan Megna