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Advances in Power Line Maintenance and Repair: Introducing the Air Reach Seat

The Air Reach Seat™ is revolutionizing power line maintenance by providing a stable seating platform for linemen working on high-voltage transmission lines.
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Advances in Power Line Maintenance and Repair: Introducing the Air Reach Seat


lectricity has become an essential part of our daily lives, powering our homes, businesses, and industries. Power lines crisscross nations and continents, enabling the seamless flow of electricity from power plants to end-users. This extensive network of transmission lines has been instrumental in shaping our modern world and powering the technological advancements we enjoy today.

Despite enormous technological improvements, the fundamental methods of constructing and maintaining these facilities have remained relatively unchanged. This hazardous task requires extreme precaution, especially when there is no structure available for support. In such cases, lineworkers, also called linemen, must perform their duties while suspended in the air, relying on harnesses for support. One of the most significant safety concerns arises when linemen are suspended in the air for extended periods, especially if the operation lasts longer than 7 minutes. In those situations, it is essential to provide them with supportive platforms to prevent the loss of circulation and ensure their safety. Our Air Reach Seat™ is a groundbreaking solution that provides the safety and comfort necessary for linemen to perform their duties efficiently while suspended in the air. By offering a stable and ergonomic seating platform, the Air Reach Seat™ enables linemen to work for extended periods without putting undue strain on their bodies.

Linemen being lowered to the power line - photo by Jason Legge

We had the opportunity to speak with Jason Legge, Chief Pilot at Skydance Helicopters, a company well-known for precision long-line work and power line construction. Jason, a highly skilled pilot, specializes in operating civilian Black Hawks for power line maintenance tasks. His role involves lowering linemen to conduct critical repairs and inspections on transmission and distribution lines that are inaccessible by conventional means. Jason has worked with a renowned power line company that utilizes the Air Reach Seat™ and has witnessed its benefits firsthand.

"It’s a real game-changer," Jason says. "Comfort is the greatest benefit of this chair. It allows linemen to face the powerline and sit side by side instead of facing each other. We’re able to work on a line when there is no structure. There is no other way to operate efficiently on a power line."

The Air Reach Seat™ is particularly beneficial when linemen work on a power line for extended periods, often in 25-minute intervals. By providing a stable seating platform, the Air Reach Seat™ enables pilots to keep the workers steady, making the operation safer for all parties involved.

This innovative new platform is revolutionizing how power utility helicopter operations are conducted, improving safety and efficiency for both linemen and pilots. As the power industry continues to evolve, solutions like the Air Reach Seat™ will be instrumental in addressing the unique challenges linemen face and ensuring the reliable transmission of electric power to communities around the world.

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Additional photos courtesy of Dan Megna