Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office Short Haul Rescue Training

ARS completes intensive Short Haul rescue training with CCCSO STARR ONE Team, fostering unique multi-disciplinary approach in challenging terrain.
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Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office Short Haul Rescue Training


ir Rescue Systems Corp. (ARS) was privileged to have just completed stand-up Short Haul rescue operations training for the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s (CCCSO) “STARR ONE” Aviation Unit. The training was performed in the CCCSO back yard on Mt Diablo, a wilderness area which, encompasses more than 90,000 acres and generates many technical rescues each year.

The STARR ONE Team is comprised of Sheriff’s Office Pilot, TFOs, Contra Costa County Fire Captain Paramedics and CCCSO SAR Team members. This unique approach reduces the impact of taxing one unit for personnel and brings the strengths of differing backgrounds and skills to the unit. STARR ONE operates a Bell 407 and is eagerly awaiting delivery of their new bell 407GX in mid 2015.

Training was conducted over 8 days and curriculum included Helicopter Operations Safety, CRM, Risk Management, Communications and Emergency Procedures. The field portion started with a Vertical Reference and Precision Flying Course followed by close quarters work around the helicopter, skid insertion/extraction, Short Haul systems, Short Haul insertion/extraction, rescue systems and Short Haul rescue techniques.

The 8 days culminated in scenario based response with the STARR ONE team responding to a lengthy and difficult, staged rescue of multiple victims in demanding terrain. Intel gathering, planning, risk management and operational response were left to the team with ARS instructors monitoring the execution. “it’s always a proud moment to see a team bond and respond at such a high level. They performed exceptionally well” noted Bob Cockell, VP of ARS.

“I want to take a few moments to thank you and your entire staff. You guys definitely blew away our expectations with your knowledge, training structure, and professionalism. This was a once in a life time experience for myself and the crew. I know the future and successes of the unit will be indebted to you and your company for this training. My hope is to continue this relationship with future training and opportunities as it becomes available.”

Lieutenant Jose Beltran

Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff

Marine Patrol / Air Support Unit

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Additional photos courtesy of Dan Megna